Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2010

Winners revealed: RWE, Goldman Sachs and ISDA

Thousands of concerned individuals have voted in this year's Worst EU Lobbying Awards, thus supporting our anti-heroine Lobby-Cleaner to clean up the lobbying scenein Brussels. The voting is now closed and the winners, RWE, Goldman Sachs and ISDA, have been announced during an icy ceremony in front of the ISDA offices in the Brussels EU quarter.

Thousands of corporate lobbyists roam the corridors of power in Brussels. Operating out of the spotlight, many of them do not hesitate to employ improper methods: pretending to be concerned environmentalists, scaremongering the EU into inaction, or securing privileged access to EU decision-makers. These underhand tactics have allowed corporate lobbyists to continue for-profit lobbying at the expense of more climate- and consumer-friendly regulation; putting profits before people and the planet.

Video clip of ceremony

Pictures of ceremony

"but you're in the second line?"

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